How To Make An Appointment

We understand that in most cases when you contact the Health Centre it is because you or a loved one is unwell and you need help. We want to assist you as quickly and as easily as possible.

Easy Guide to Booking an Appointment

Phone the Health Centre mainline 01608 642742

From 8.30am If you have an URGENT problem, please call as early in the day as possible so we can assess you and provide treatment quickly and effectively
From 8.30am If you would like an appointment with your ‘named GP’ you will need to call us first thing in the morning on a day they are in clinic to be added to their telephone triage list for the day. They will ask you to come in for a face to face consultation, if necessary, the same day.
14:00 to 18:30 Our phone lines are quieter in the afternoon, please contact us for test results and administrative queries

13:00 to 14:00 – Our phone lines are closed (the emergency line is still active)

Please see below table for the days our GP’s are in clinic

Dr Keenan Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Dr Pargeter Monday, Wednesday
Dr Hall Tuesday, Wednesday morning ONLY and Friday
Dr Chasser Wednesday morning ONLY and Friday
Dr Hlaing Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Dr Eyles Tuesday morning ONLY, Wednesday morning ONLY and Friday
Dr Gaydon Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning ONLY
Dr Lewis Tuesday and Friday morning ONLY
Dr Atterby Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Dr Hanan Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Dr Kommu Monday and Tuesday
Dr Mulraine Monday, Wednesday morning ONLY and Thursday morning ONLY
Dr Kelly Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Dr Benjamin-Smith (Trainee GP) Wednesday and Thursday

To help our team find the most suitable service for you.


C ondition Your Care Navigator will ask you a few questions regarding the problem you are calling about
A ssessment Your Care Navigator will need your help to assess the timeframe in which you will need to be seen for a safe outcome
R eferral Your Care Navigator, with your help, will decide which healthcare professional you need to see
E xamination Your Care Navigator will book your appointment with the most appropriate clinician for you

Our Care Navigation team will ask you a few questions about your condition when you call in order to establish which one of our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team members you need to see. Our team includes; GPs, advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants, A Clinical Pharmacist, Mental Health Nurses, Physio Therapists and Opticians.

Non-triage Telephone Appointments

GP non-triage telephone appointments can be used for;

  • Discussions regarding test results
  • Discussions regarding ongoing treatment
  • Queries about treatment or care
  • Discussions regarding possible care – e.g. so a GP can assess whether a blood test may be required, so this can be authorised in advance of a future appointment
  • Medication requests – those which our Clinical Pharmacist cannot take care of
  • Queries about medication – those which our Clinical Pharmacist cannot take care of

Should you feel that you do not need to visit the Health Centre but feel that a discussion over the phone with a doctor would suffice, please ask our Care Navigation team for a telephone consultation. Please ensure that you remain available for the doctor to call you back at the designated time.

Emergency Treatment Out of Hours

Between 6:30pm and 8.00am Monday to Friday and at weekends and bank holidays please call 111.

Home Visits

Home Visits are provided for those too unwell to travel, and for the permanently housebound. It is always better to be seen in the Health Centre as the clinician treating you will have access to all the resources needed to deal with your consultation to hand.
All requests for home visits are assessed by the duty doctor, who may call you at home if more information is required.
If you are requesting a home visit please telephone as early in the day as you can with full details of your illness. This will give the clinician time to visit and process any further steps that may be needed as a result of an examination, for instance if a hospital admission is required.
In some cases the duty doctor may pass home visits to the Visiting Service. The Visiting Service will dispatch an experienced paramedic to assess you. They will then share their assessment with your GP.
Home visits do consume a lot of the doctor’s time. Please do not ask for a home visit if you are able to travel to the surgery.
If you have requested a home visit and your condition changes, please call the health centre again or 999 in an emergency.

New Patients

Once you have completed your registration forms you may be asked to take your own blood pressure (BP) in our BP room. We like to have an initial BP reading for any patient who has a chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes or chronic heart disease. This information is then handed to our duty nurse who will contact you if there are any concerns.
If you are on any repeat medication we ask that you book an appointment with a GP as soon as possible and bring your medication with you.
If you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease our care navigation team will ask you to book a blood test appointment followed by an appointment with one of our nursing team to complete an annual review of your condition.

Temporary Patients

We can register temporary patients if you are staying in the area short term and require medical care that cannot wait until you return to your home to see your usual GP. It is always best for you to wait to visit the GP surgery you are registered with, if you can, as they hold your complete medical records.

Extended hours at PML’s Neighbourhood Access Hubs

Our patients now have even better access to a doctor at the weekends and in the evenings. Neighbourhood Access Hubs developed by Principal Medical Limited (PML) on behalf of Oxfordshire practices in 2015, have extended their opening hours so that yet more patients can benefit from national GP Access funding (GPAF).  This is great news for the 300,000+ patients registered with the 36 PML GP Federation practices in Oxfordshire.

The aims of the service remain the same; patients requesting a pre-bookable GP appointment at their own practice, may be offered an appointment at a nearby location, with a local GP or nurse who has access to their medical records.

This provides more appointments for patients during the day, the evenings and at weekends, while relieving GP practices of some of the pressure of providing treatment for minor illnesses.

What does this mean for you?

–          No change in the booking process for appointments.

–          You may be offered an appointment during normal or extended hours at a Hub location.

In North Oxfordshire, hub sessions are held at Banbury Health Centre or other local GP practices.  Appointments can be booked through your usual GP Practice reception.

Banbury Health Centre hub appointments are available at various times between the hours of 8.00am and 8.00pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Pre-bookable appointments may be available at other North Oxfordshire GP practices Monday – Friday, between 6.30pm and 8.00pm.

Your usual GP practice can provide up-to-date information on appointment times and locations of Hubs.

Making more time available at the Surgery means that we will be able to put more focus into preventive care, offering longer appointments and concentrated treatment for patients with long-term conditions and complex needs.

Find out more about the Neighbourhood Access Hubs here: