Clinical Pharmacist

Our Clinical Pharmacist Luis will be able to assist you with most issues relating to medication.
He is best for you to have an appointment with for;

  • Medication reviews – for repeat medication and acute medication.
  • Medication requests – the medication has to have been issued previously and within the past 18 months.
  • Medication queries – if you have a problem with medication you are currently using or if you have been prescribed medication and are struggling to manage it.
  • Problems with medication – if you are experiencing any side effects from medication or you are unsure if you can take different medications simultaneously.
  • Finding alternative medications – if a medicine has been discontinued, he can look for comparative alternatives.
  • Follow up appointments – Your GP may suggest you see the Clinical Pharmacist as a follow up after you have had an appointment with them.

He monitors patients’ hospital discharges, ensuring any changes to medication are actioned. He can give travel vaccinations (all except yellow fever) and Flu vaccinations.

Our Care Navigation team will recommend you have an appointment with our Clinical Pharmacist if it is most appropriate appointment for you.