Information to keep you safe if you if you have suspected COVID and are isolating at home (18.08.21)

Please download this recommended NHS leaflet here Suspected-Coronavirus-COVID-19-important-information-to-keep-you-safe-at-home-leaflet-August-2021

Staying home

• You may have coronavirus. You don’t need to be in hospital at this time, but it is important that you self-isolate.
• If your condition worsens please follow the information below and seek medical advice quickly.
• You should assume you have COVID-19 until a test shows you do not.
• Until then, you must self-isolate for at least 10 days along with anyone in your household as they may have coronavirus without showing any symptoms.
• For more information about self-isolation and self-care visit: and

• If you need help from a volunteer to deliver food or medicines visit

Getting tested

• Anyone in England with COVID-19 symptoms can have a test.
• You can apply for a test online at, or call the Coronavirus Testing Contact Centre free on 119 from 7am to 11pm.
• You may be able to choose between going to a testing site or getting a home test kit.
• Do not wait – wherever possible the test should be done within eight days of showing symptoms.