Healthshare MSK self-referral for patients

On 8th February 2019, Oxfordshire’s MSK services, provided by Healthshare, launched an electronic self-referral for adult patients with MSK conditions that may require treatment from a physiotherapist. This means patients are able to refer themselves to the MSK service.

Usually this would be suitable for patients advised by their doctor to make a self-referral.

It is still always best for any patient

  • who needs to be seen as a matter of clinical urgency
  • who is presenting with any red flag symptoms
  • who is under 18 years old
  • who is presenting with an orthopaedic, rheumatologic or persistent pain problem
  • who may have difficulty accessing or completing the online form

To see the GP or Physiotherapy triage first in order for them to refer onwards to the service.

To self-refer to Oxfordshire’s MSK services provided by Healthshare visit

You can download a number of leaflets regarding self-care for MSK conditions here.