How to Book an Appointment

Routine appointments

In order to maintain reduced footfall to the health centre, and support social distancing for our patients and staff, we are adopting an appointment booking system for our GP’s whereby you will need to be telephone triaged by your named GP before a face to face appointment can take place.

Main things to remember for this appointment booking system

1. Your condition will be assessed in the first instance by one of our care navigators who will help you decide if your problem needs to be managed by your named GP or if another clinician might be more suitable. We have our clinical pharmacist, advanced care practitioners and nursing team that you might be signposted to, as well as external services that might better suit the treatment of your problem.

2. We will only be booking GP telephone triage calls ‘on the day’. So you will need to make a note of the days your named GP is in the health centre and only call on the day they are here if you wish to make contact with them. It is advisable to call first thing in the morning as each GP has a limit to the number of bookable calls they have each day. Our phone lines open at 8.30am.

3. If you have a telephone triage appointment with your named GP and they decide they need to see you, they will ask to attend a face to face consultation later that same day.

What days does my named GP work?

Please see below table for the days our GP’s are in clinic

Dr Keenan Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Dr Pargeter Monday, Wednesday and
Dr Hall Tuesday, Wednesday morning ONLY and Friday
Dr Chasser Wednesday morning ONLY and Friday
Dr Hlaing Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Dr Eyles Wednesday morning ONLY and Friday
Dr Gaydon Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning ONLY
Dr Lewis Tuesday and Friday morning ONLY
Dr Atterby Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Dr Hanan Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Dr Kommu Monday and Tuesday
Dr Mulraine Monday, Wednesday morning ONLY and Thursday morning ONLY
Dr Kelly Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Dr Benjamin-Smith (Trainee GP) Wednesday and Thursday

I don’t know who my named GP is?

Please call us in the afternoon any day we are open and one of our care navigators can give you this information. Alternatively you can submit an ‘Ask the practice a question’ form on our website.

Urgent appointments

If you have a medically urgent issue then please contact us as soon as you can in the morning and preferably before 10.30am. If your named GP is in clinic and it is suitable for you to have a telephone triage call with them, then this is what will happen.

We still have an emergency clinician on duty each day who will handle all urgent problems for those patients whose named GP is not in clinic.

If you feel your condition to be life threatening you must call 999 immediately.