COVID Vaccinations UPDATE 29.04.2021

If you are worried you have missed a call from us to book a covid vaccination. Please don’t worry we will try you again until we reach you. We urge that you accept the appointment days and times we are offering you, as we cannot guarantee we can offer an alternative.

Prioritisation groups 1-9

If you are within prioritisation group 1-9 (all patients aged 50 and over, all those aged 16-64 with underlying health conditions, and adult unpaid carers) and you have not yet been vaccinated, but would like to be please click HERE to complete a form to let us know.

Age group cohorts 10 -12

On receipt of your NHS England invitation, in order to be vaccinated you will need to visit to book your COVID vaccination.

We will not be inviting you directly to be vaccinated at the Chipping Norton Health Centre site. The Chipping Norton site will now have appointments available to book via the national booking system. If you wish to select the Chipping Norton site and not another site, please visit /covid-vaccination-clinic-days-available-via-the-national-booking-system/ to check when we have available clinics to book via the national booking system. We cannot guarantee clinics, and may not always have them available for you to book as we are also vaccinating with second doses and must manage our capacity.

Second doses 

We aim to vaccinate with second doses around 11 weeks post first vaccination. You will receive an invitation around 1 week prior to the clinic date, either via text with a link to book or you will receive a phone call if we do not hold a mobile number for you. If you cannot use the link for any reason you will also receive a follow up phone call.

I was vaccinated at a mass vaccination centre can I have my second dose at my surgery’s site, Chipping Norton Health Centre?

We cannot vaccinate patients with a second dose if their first dose was received elsewhere. Please return for your second dose at your original vaccination site.

Expediting second dose appointments 

We cannot expedite second dose vaccinations (ahead of the 11 week recommended timeframe) for purpose of travel or other social reasons. The only clinical situation where a second dose may be expedited is if a patient is about to undergo clinical treatment which would leave then severely immunosuppressed. This must be requested by your named GP or hospital consultant.

COVID vaccination cards 

If you did not receive a vaccination card or document at the time when you visited don’t worry. Your details of vaccination are recorded on your medical record. These cards, while nice to have, do not absolutely prove vaccination. If you wish to access you vaccination record quickly and easily we suggest you sign up to the NHSapp, or from Monday 17th May, call 119 to request a letter with your vaccination details.

If Chipping Norton is not your registered practice and you are making enquiries about an appointment please contact your own GP practice.

We do not hold ‘last minute’ minute lists for patients that are not yet eligible. We are unable to vaccinate patients unless they are currently within the eligible cohorts.

If the above information does not answer your query, please use our ask the practice a question form. Please do not email the main CNHC reception email.

Those living in a household with someone who is severely immunosuppressed

We have contacted those patients that are severely immunosuppressed and advised of details for their household members to contact us in order to book their COVID vaccinations.

Prioritisation group 6 – Adult unpaid carers

If you are an adult unpaid carer (those who are in receipt of a carer’s allowance, or those who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill) – please complete this FORM. We have many patients recorded as carers however sometimes circumstances change and these records are not always up to date. If you let us know you are a carer/you remain a carer still, we will be able to invite you for vaccination. Please give us the details (with the persons consent) of who you care for, including their name, date of birth, a contact telephone number. If you are not a Chipping Norton Health Centre registered patient, please contact your registered practice.