COVID vaccinations administered abroad – THE FACTS

Information from the NHS vaccination service 07.07.21

Important information to communicate to patients

  • If you had both or one of your vaccinations in another country it will NOT show on the NHSapp
  • We are unable to rectify this problem at practice level at present. You can make us aware of the vaccinations you have had, and we can add these to your medical record, but this will not update the NHSapp. We cannot do anything about this until further guidance is issued by the NHS vaccination service.
  • Patients are likely to be stopped from travelling if both of their vaccinations do not show on NHSapp.
  • Printed medical records, except for those requested via the 119 COVID service, will not be accepted for travel. If you were vaccinated abroad and we have updated your medical records, with the detail of your vaccination, we can print proof of your vaccination, but this is not accepted as proof for foreign travel.
  • Patients that have received one vaccination abroad and one in the UK will not be offered a third vaccination so they have had two in the UK. This would be against recommendation for the vaccine course.

To notify us of any vaccinations you have had abroad, please complete a Ask the Practice a Question | Chipping Norton Health Centre form.