COVID-19 Vaccinations


The North Oxfordshire Rural Alliance (NORA), which includes Chipping Norton Health Centre, have now been vaccinating patients since the 15th December 2020.

Due to the size of the building and the space it can offer, Chipping Norton Health Centre is the chosen site for the COVID-19 vaccination clinics and all patients registered with one of the NORA practices will be required to attend the centre to receive their vaccination.

We will contact you when it is time for you to receive your COVID-19 vaccination.

Please do not call us to ask when you will be vaccinated.

We are currently vaccinating prioritisation group 3 (those aged 75 and older).

We are carefully planning our recall for our patients using the prioritisation guidance criteria issued by the NHS. There is strict guidance detailing that the vaccine is not suitable for some patients due to their health conditions. This information must all be taken into account when inviting our patients to be vaccinated.

This vaccination cannot be given opportunistically and must be given within a dedicated clinic appointment.

The vaccination programme will be ongoing into the new-year, and all eligible patients will be recalled in due course.