Coronavirus – Service update


In the interest of the health and wellbeing of our patients and our team at Chipping Norton Health Centre, we will be suspending all UNNECCESSARY face to face appointments for the foreseeable future to minimise the risk of spread of the coronavirus.

Our GP’s will be working closely with the Care Navigation team to ensure all patients that absolutely NEED to be seen, are seen.


We are operating a telephone triage system for all routine appointments. Any GP may phone you back and it will be within the week that you have requested the call back and you will not be given a specific time for a return call.


We will be operating a telephone triage system for all URGENT on the day conditions. If you need to be examined the triaging clinician will determine this.


Please visit for advice in the first instance.

If you have an appointment booked in the next few weeks we will be contacting you to arrange an alternative solution to a face to face appointment.

The criteria for self-isolating has changed. If you have a new cough or high temp stay at home in isolation for 7 days or until your symptoms have gone. DO NOT ATTEND THE HEALTH CENTRE.

If you are living with someone and they start to show signs of coronavirus symptoms you must self-isolate for 14 days or if you begin to show symptoms yourself, until the symptoms have gone.

If you need a repeat prescription please request online via the patient access portal.

Need advice regarding a travel cancellation claim?

Need advice regarding shielding?