Family Planning and Sexual Health Clinic (including Coil Fitting)

Doctors and some nurses can offer advice and information about contraception and sexual health. Some doctors are trained to fit coils and contraceptive implants.

Coils and Implants

The doctors who fit contraceptive coils at the Health Centre are Dr Hall, Dr Welch and Dr Pargeter.
The doctors who fit the contraceptive implant are Dr Hall and Dr Welch.
Implants and coils require an initial consultation to ensure you have all the information you need about these forms of contraceptive to ensure that it is the right form of contraception for you. Our Care navigation team will make sure you are booked with one of the GP’s who is best to advise you.

Oral Contraceptives

Our practice nurses can carry out ‘pill checks’ for oral contraceptives.

Injectable Contraceptives

Our practice nurses can administer contraceptive injections.

All doctors and practice nurses can provide emergency contraception (morning after pill) and information is treated as strictly confidential by all staff. You can also get emergency contraception by visiting your local pharmacy.