Some of our GP’s specialise in certain areas of treatment. Let us tell you what they are

Some of our GP’s specialise in particular areas of care. When booking certain appointments you may have to wait for the specific GP to be available. Some of these procedures are listed below;

  • Coil fittings – Dr Hall and Dr Kelly.
    Download Coil Fitting Advice Leaflet
  • Dermatology – Dr Mulraine & Dr Hanan.
  • Epley manoeuver – Dr Chasser, Dr Eyles, Dr Gaydon and Dr Lewis (on young people).
  • Nexplanon Contraceptive Implant – Dr Hall, Dr Eoghan De Burca (locum).
  • Minor surgery (a referral is needed) – currently no one in practice.
  • Injections for; Carpel tunnel, Knees, Shoulders, Trigger finger or thumb and Trochanteric bursitis – Dr Pargeter, Dr Kommu and Dr Eyles.

Our Care navigators will be able to direct you to the correct GP for specialist care if they can understand your problem so will ask a few questions to establish some facts.