Appointment system

How our appointment system works

When you call with a medical concern, the care navigator handling your query will ask you some very specific questions in order to signpost you to the most appropriate appointment and clinician for your condition.

They will ask similar questions to –

  • What symptoms are you experiencing today?
  • How long have you had your symptoms for?
  • Are the symptoms new or part of an ongoing or re-occurring problem?
  • What treatment have you already tried to alleviate the symptoms?

They will then advise you of the most suitable appointment, with the most suitable clinician to help you with your symptoms.

The clinicians or services you may be signposted to are listed below –

  • GP
  • Emergency on the day triage team
  • Clinical pharmacist
  • First contact physio
  • Minor eye condition service
  • Minor injuries unit
  • Community pharmacy
  • Accident & emergency department
  • Social prescribing service

When signposting you to the right appointment the following is taken into account

  • Clinical urgency
  • The skills of the clinician
  • The importance of continuity of care with the same clinician

You will be asked if you would like a face to face or a telephone appointment. If you choose an initial telephone call appointment with a GP you will be given a time frame of morning or afternoon within which they will call on a specific date. If the GP would like to see you in clinic to examine you they will book the appointment with you directly after they have spoken with you. If you choose to have a face to face appointment, you will be given an appointment time to attend.


Condition Your Care Navigator will ask you a few questions regarding the problem you are calling about
Assessment Your Care Navigator will need your help to assess the time frame in which you will need to be seen for a safe outcome
Referral Your Care Navigator, with your help, will decide which healthcare professional you need to see
Examination Your Care Navigator will book your appointment with the most appropriate clinician for you



If your query or question is an administrative one, meaning you do not need to speak with a clinician for it to be answered, you can visit our website to complete a query form Reception and Enquiries | Chipping Norton Health Centre. Examples of suitable queries are

  • Specific advice regarding a medication – dose etc.
  • Follow up queries after an appointment – maybe a question you forgot to ask
  • Who your named GP is
  • Requests for specific details from your medical record
  • Advice for services you could contact yourself for assistance (self-referrals)


We encourage you to sign up for patient access or the NHSapp in order to view test results, order medication and to view parts of your medical record. Having this access can often save you having to contact with the Health Centre by phone.

You can request test results using one of our website query forms  as well – Test Results Request | Chipping Norton Health Centre.


When you have diagnostic tests in a hospital setting, the results of these tests are returned to the hospital consultant or team.

When should I contact the hospital clinic or specialist consultant?

  • If you are receiving treatment from a hospital clinic or your condition is being managed by a specialist consultant, they will immediately understand your condition and be able to answer your questions.
  • If you are awaiting results requested by a hospital team, please contact the hospital directly. Test results are reported back to the requesting clinician and their team will be able to talk you through the results.
  • If you have been referred to a hospital clinic and you need to change or cancel an appointment, then contact the individual clinic directly as rearrangement cannot be done by us on your behalf.